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Dawson confirmed this to media but said she didn’t specifically advise him not to set up the trust, that it was Morneau’s choice. But he’s yet to be completely forthcoming with the public and opposition.

On Monday, Prime Minister Trudeau ran interference for his key minister at a Stouffville, Ontario, press conference, insisting on answering questions put directly to Morneau, who stood beside the PM, about his undisclosed villa in France.“You have to ask a question of me first – because you get a chance to talk to the Prime Minister,” Trudeau bizarrely said.

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If Monday was bad for Bill Morneau, Tuesday was worse.

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Almost from the get go, the Liberal finance file has been plagued with trouble.

While the Liberals got off to a decent start early in their term by lowering one of the middle-class tax brackets, they quickly veered off track by massively breaking their promise to keep the deficit to an allegedly modest billion.

Free join and search our database locally and worldwide whether you are straight, gay, bisexual, trans...But even when Canadians were upset at Liberal fiscal blunders, it was usually Trudeau who wore the bad PR and social media ire – after all, he’s the guy who talked about sunny ways, how the budget will balance itself and the need to grow the economy from the heart outwards.Finance minister Bill Morneau rarely faced the blow back.Your live greeting stays on the system as long as you do, so you can record a fresh greeting that reflects your mood each and every time you call. Tango is a premier dating service that enables members to connect with quality people to develop meaningful relationships and personal interactions.

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