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He was arrested in January 2005 on charges of inciting ethnic hatred.There have been two recorded incidents, in 2007 and in 2010, of vandalism by unknown individuals on the Jewish side of the Joint Tragedies Memorial in Aragast Park, Yerevan that commemorates both the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust.King Henry III issued a grant that year, naming a man named Peter de Rivall the new position of Treasurer and Chancellor of the Irish Exchequer, the king’s ports and coast, and also “the custody of the King’s Judaism in Ireland.” This Medieval community was short-lived.When Jews were expelled from England in 1240, it is likely they were forced out of Ireland, as well.Michael Nosonovsky has stated that "The word khawajah is of Persian origin and it probably indicates that the Jews who settled in Yeghegis came from Persia and kept Persian as their spoken language.Biblical quotations and Talmudic formulas are evidence of a high learning standard in the community." A group of Armenian and Israeli archaeologists and historians excavated the site in 20 and found 64 more tombstones.They are mostly of Ashkenazi origin, while some are Mizrahi and Georgian Jews.

One of the best-kept secrets of the Emerald Isle is the vibrant Jewish culture that has flourished in Ireland for hundreds of years.

Of course, the community has certain problems that originate from the general situation of the country." Although contemporary relations between Israel and Armenia are good, the small group of individuals inside the country who have shown hints of antisemitism may have been radicalized due to several factors such as: Israel's strategic alliance and sale of weapons to Azerbaijan, the continuing refusal of Israel's leaders to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, and the active support given by some Israel lobby groups in the U.

S to Turkey's position of denying the Armenian Genocide and to Azerbaijan's position regarding Nagorno-Karabakh.

Here are six little-known facts about Jewish Ireland.

The earliest Jewish visitors to Ireland were Medieval merchants: “Five Jews came from over the sea with gifts to Tairdelbach (the King of Munster), and were then sent back again over the sea,” records The Annals of Innisfallen, a chronicle of Irish history started in the 12 Century by monks in Ireland’s Innisfallen Abbey.

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