Dating one night

Finding random strangers to date on other apps or sites can be intimidating and just horrible experiences in general, and CMB wants to solve that problem.

You’d consider dating someone a friend recommends, right?

Each post you make is like a shoutout about you, and it lasts one hour; users near you will see your selfie, and if they’re interested you’ll be sent a notification and you can set up a meeting time if you like them back. Not everyone is into casual sex, and if you’re the type to date people long-term, I’d recommend downloading Coffee Meets Bagel.

You basically send out a signal that you want to go to bangville, pronto, and get to choose who you go to bangville with (among the people who want to go to bangville with you). The awesome part about Pure is that it doesn’t want anyone else to know about who you’re hooking up with; Pure encrypts every message you send in-app, son! Even your failed attempts to hookup are hush-hush: if no one responds to your post after sixty minutes, the post is deleted forever, like nothing ever happened. It’s an app that knows you hate strangers, so it recommends you date people who are friends of people you know - specifically, your Facebook friends.

I was talking to a friend recently – who got in touch with me with a short and snappy facebook alert “I’ve got gossip! You know it’s going to do with genitalia and will most probably be an entertaining story. I was totally sober – and had a one night stand with this Russian woman.

like any good friend should – when someone emails with gossip.

Until the next time I’m buttered up by charm and good looks! My male best friend of 26 years texts me…”Be cool Becki..

Each day you get a "bagel", someone CMB believes would be great for you to date.

“Dude, seriously, you gotta give me more than that.”. I don’t want to know how long it lasted for or the details of it for gods sake.” So anyway sounded like he had a perfectly ‘nice’ interaction. And that was it – I didn’t feel the need to carry the interaction on.

“Well we met on the dancefloor and it just happened”. “Oh yeah, I wouldn’t make a very good Mills and Boons writer”. I mean, my imagination is telling me you ended up in the toilets!

That is perhaps exactly why I should write this #datingdiary. And they usually have got bored and have tinkered off on a new adventure.

Keep men at bay – and make them work for ‘it’ whatever it is.

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