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Either, that or my old friend Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, who is renowned for his female impersonations, was playing a trick.The lady, a Mrs Holloway, threatened to call the police. She said I owned not one but three: one that sold Tiffany jewellery; a second called Magento, selling furniture, shoes and electronics; and a holding company with the address ‘Petronella Wyatt’ was named as the owner, Registrant Contact, Administrative Contact and Technical Contact.They certainly left me at a loss for words: they were the ugliest shoes I had ever seen.I was also selling red suede sofas for £500, red chairs for £100 and red beds for £1,000. When I asked why, they said the complexities of the internet make it almost impossible to find the culprit.

The emergence of such elaborate social schemes online was brought to light in a shocking way in the 2010 documentary 'Catfish,' in which 28-year-old Nev Schulman fell in love with a gorgeous young woman's Facebook profile and her voice over the phone - both of which turned out to belong to a middle-aged wife and mother.Tracey initially agreed to receive a parcel in December after talking with the man for over a month, which she sent on to Bangkok, paying the delivery fee for the package containing watches, a camera and hairclippers.'Victims who become involved in transferring goods or money for criminals could risk prosecution, so people should be extremely wary when people they have not met in person begin to ask for favours such as these,' Det Snr Sgt Potter said.'This method is clearly designed to influence innocent people to unknowingly facilitate their criminal operations while the offenders remain anonymous or hide behind fake or stolen identities.We urge everyone to be mindful of this new tactic and contact authorities if they have been asked to receive and transfer goods or money.''But the receiving and sending of goods purchased fraudulently by stolen or fake credit cards appears to be a new tactic that the community should be made aware of. This woman also insisted she had bought Tiffany jewellery which, after three months, had not arrived.I assumed that by some long-odds coincidence both had dialled a wrong number.

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