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In turn, police said, Glass ‘described in detail how Slowhand was going to sexually torture … Know that I’m at peace.” She rode the Amtrak Crescent from Baltimore to Charlotte, where her online lover was waiting. Investigators checked her computer and traced her kinky pen pal to an Internet service provider in North Carolina. 25, Glass was in handcuffs after police found Nancy Lopatka’s body buried 25 paces from the trailer. “All of this strikes us as weird,” a shrewd North Carolina police captain told the Baltimore paper.

It was so weird, in fact, that prosecutors were leery of taking the case before a jury, fearing an acquittal because the 12 might find it all inconceivable.

It is important not to exchange any personal info with them so they can't track you down and stalk you later.

In 1996, the olden days of online hookups, Sharon Lopatka found the man of her dreams on the Internet. Lopatka’s come-on involved just one “dimension of compatibility,” not e Harmony’s 29.

After five years of marriage, her Internet interests had grown darker.And the story of how they got together and what happened when they did set a very high standard for Internet interpersonal nuttiness.In that era before catfishing and dead make-believe online lovers, a news wire service felt compelled to spell out that things could get kinky between on computers.Police later said a printout of their dirty talk — retrieved from Lopatka’s computer — went on for 870 pages.Investigators said Lopatka made it clear in the messages that strangulation during sex was her ultimate fantasy. She wrote, “If my body is never retrieved, don’t worry. Victor Lopatka called police a week after his wife split.

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