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They need just your 6000 monthly fees otherwise whatever you're doing they don't care just give them money and waste your time which was more expensive than the Chinese made variety, saying that this comes with a warranty and exchange policy if it doesn't work. I sent the package with the driver for replacement and the same guy said: "Physical damage cannot be replaced." This happens to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Ghulam hyder Kumbhar student government polytechnical institute disstirc thatta sindhrchasing), the salesman kept saying that that wasn't the case.and surprisingly total amount of bill is 9538.00 (no previous due) i try to convince him but he reply provide your last year bills or you should pay your bill and then i go to the Manager try to explain him that you have software and all the record on your fingertips check my status i always pay my bill payment prior to the due date and don't have any previous balance but he didn't attend and ask me, if you have any problem write application we will see it. Eureka, esp Eureka IT, I believe have enormous potential to do achieve all of the above and I am sure that with the renewed energy and enthusiasm that their CEO and Center Managers have brought to Eureka it will just be a matter of time that they will dominate the modern education industry in our city and Pakistan in general. The person incharge refuses to give me a day or time when it will be fixed let alone when it will be delivered.It's my Request to the higher Authorities to please take some action and ask your staff to please solve problem. All their phone numbers are closed and there is no response from the company at all. One day, out of the blue, my UAE bought 4 months used i Phone 7 Plus's screen backlit started bleeding from the corner(unnoticeable).Confused whether to question Apple or to learn to accept the phone as is, I reached out to Future Tech in Islamabad.Future Tech took literally one week to replace my i Phone and I didn't have to pay a cent. to Gaditek to find good co-workers, coming out with so many brothers.

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Make sure about the resource, how much experience you are looking for before taking any interview. Currently this institute worst and worst I experienced it and I'm wasting my time money i went this institute for specially wordpress but after 6 month i reallized there is just wordpress workshop WTF and who will be the wordpress developer in two hours.

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