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" Obviously, everyone agreed because we all bought them the very next day.I vowed to go in with an open mind, and if I didn't come out of it with a date, I'd at least have a good story.The ladies sit for the duration of the evening, while the lads move from lovely lady to lovely lady every six to seven minutes.As we don’t use whistles - our hosts gently tap the lads on the shoulder to let them know it is time to move on.As in, I conveniently forgot their names.)Rewind two weeks: I'm hanging out with some girlfriends and one of them mentions how she saw a groupon-like deal for speed dating.In my head, I said, "Wouldn't it be fun if we all did that?With us, you can combine elements of trying out the local hot spot with friends while you meet others just like you.

Each participant was either a townsperson or a killer. It didn’t occur to me to blog about it until…oh…five years into my blogger life, just like it didn’t occur to other teachers that were using it to share it on their blogs (if they even have them). SETTING UP THE GAME: With limited time to play, unsure of when we would be kicked out of the space that we were using without renting it (yikes! When we share our ideas—whether it be on a blog, in a Facebook group, in a presentation to a local group, or while out to dinner with friends at a national conference—that idea goes out into the universe, and those ideas grow and become better. It was short because Starbucks closed earlier than we thought, and Game-Master Greg Gross did a fantastic job narrating the game in English and weaving in pop-up adaptations for the language classroom as we played. It’s…it’s…it’s…it’s everything that Mafia in a world language class should always have been and I am in awe of how he transformed it! ), Ben quickly established meaning by telling us some the Mandarin words and showing gestures for “he/she”, “kills”, “dead”, “assassin”, “townspeople”, “sleeps”, and “wakes up”. He was going to demonstrate it for a group of Chinese teachers, and they were looking for some non-Mandarin speakers to participate. (For example, when he said the word for “who”, Cathy Scurlock (a Spanish teacher from Nebraska) had to say “Hoo-hoo”, like an owl.) These simple tricks did much to support our comprehension. I totally would have played, of course, but I don’t know any Mandarin. Knowing how Mafia works, I was like, “Oh, no, I mean I really don’t know any Mandarin”. ADAPTATION #1: Role assignment Instead of using playing cards, Ben assigns the roles by having everyone in the class close their eyes.

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